Transit is at a crossroads.
We need someone who has the trust and experience working with our communities, state and local leaders, and transit riders for a reliable, safe, and efficient bus system.

I'm an architect, planning commissioner, transit and environmental advocate, and bus rider. I'm proud to have the support and trust of many Democratic clubs, transit directors, state legislators, Mayors, Councilmembers, and over two hundred community leaders.
I do not take corporate money and have signed the No Fossil Fuel money pledge.

Official Endorsed Candidate of the Democratic Party
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Alfred Twu for AC Transit At-Large platform image, showing illustration of a bus stop with people and bus shelter, a bike lane, bus stop, and BART train, and a bendy bus in front of a store and an apartment building.  Text: Supporting Bus Riders & Workers, Better Connections to BART, Growing our communuities and businesses

Supporting Bus Riders & Workers

To keep and attract workers needed to run and restore service, pay needs to keep up with the rising cost of living. Our bus drivers and other District staff have gone the extra mile these past years and deserve hazard pay.

Many riders have also had a tough two years. To provide relief, encourage new riders to try out the bus, and speed up trips, I will work with cities, other governments, and organizations to find the budget for free fare programs.

a bus at a bus stop

Coordinating Connections:
Better Connections to BART

Most riders like myself also use one of the Bay Area's other transit agencies, and walk or bike to and from bus stops.

Coordinated schedules and fares, as well as safer sidewalks and bike lanes, can bring faster and more affordable trips, getting more people on the bus and reducing traffic.

I have worked with transit advocates, and state and local leaders throughout the Bay Area on these issues, and look forward to continuing the work as your next Board member.

Door to Door Accessibility & Convenience
Making it safe and easy to get to the bus from one's home or destination is key to getting more people to ride. I will work on getting more level boarding platforms, shelters and seating at bus stops, and safer sidewalks and crosswalks.

I also believe that while frequent service will be on the busiest routes, every neighborhood and public facility, such as our regional parks, should have at least some basic service.

Growing Our Communities & Businesses

Most of AC Transit's budget comes from property and sales taxes. When our businesses and communities succeed and grow, service can expand without additional taxes or fares.

I will work with cities to support existing businesses and neighborhoods, and bring new jobs and homes along our bus lines.

Over the next ten years, it is expected that the East Bay will have 100,000 new families living and working here. Planned well, this can support our transit services instead of increasing traffic.

Efficient & Environmentally Friendly Transportation

In addition to improving transit to reduce traffic and pollution, I will also work to speed up the rollout of clean and quiet electric buses.

  • City Commissioner

  • Architect

  • Small Business Owner

  • Housing & Transportation Activist

  • Democratic Party Delegate

  • Bus Rider


I wear many hats - part of the week I work as an architect, designing affordable housing, transit infrastructure, and homes and small businesses throughout the Bay Area. The other part I run my own design & art business, and have worked with many local organizations to create illustrations, games, and reports on housing, transportation, and environmental policy.

I currently serve on Berkeley's Planning and Landmarks commissions, and have previously served on the city's Zero Waste Commission. I have also been active in the Democratic party, representing the East Bay and Asian Pacific Islander communities, and previously led the East Bay Young Democrats.

I ride the bus. I don't own a car. Ever since moving to Berkeley in 2002 to attend UC Berkeley, I've been riding AC Transit and other mass transit, including both local and Transbay lines.

a bus
Alfred Twu holding illustration


With a population of over 1,570,000 people, if it were a city, the Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District would be the second largest in California, and one of the most diverse.

AC Transit buses serve this part of the East Bay, with connections to adjacent cities and across the bay.

Stylized map of AC transit service area from Pinole to Fremont, drawn as a transit map

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Vote by mail and Early Voting starts in October.
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California State Controller
Betty Yee

Alameda County Assessor
Phong La

Ro Khanna

Photo of Alex Lee

Alex Lee

Photo of Buffy Wicks

Assemblymember Buffy Wicks

Assemblymember Mia Bonta

Assemblymember Ash Kalra

AC Transit Director Jovanka Beckles

AC Transit Director
Jean Walsh

AC Transit & BART Directors

BART Director
Rebecca Saltzman

BART Director
Janice Li

BART Director
Bevan Dufty


San Pablo Mayor
Rita Xavier

El Cerrito Mayor
Gabe Quinto

Alameda Mayor
Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft

Newark Mayor
Alan Nagy

Albany Mayor
Preston Jordan

Berkeley Mayor
Jesse Arreguin

City Councilmembers

Richmond City Councilmember
Melvin Willis

El Cerrito
City Councilmember
Tessa Rudnick

Oakland City Council President
Nikki Fortunato Bas

San Leandro
City Councilmember &
Oro Loma Sanitary District Member
Fred Simon

City Councilmember Aisha Wahab

Fremont City Councilmember
Jenny Kassan

Richmond City Councilmember
Claudia Jiménez

Richmond City Councilmember
Eduardo Martinez

Oakland City Councilmember
Sheng Thao

San Leandro
City Councilmember
Corina Lopez

City Councilmember
Sara Lamnin

Fremont City Councilmember
Teresa Keng

Pinole Mayor Pro Tem Devin Murphy

Oakland City Councilmember
Dan Kalb

San Leandro
City Councilmember Victor Aguilar

City Councilmember
Ally Medina

City Councilmember
Elisa Marquez

City Councilmember Courtney Welch

City Councilmember
Rashi Kesarwani

City Councilmember
Lori Droste

City Councilmember
Rigel Robinson

Hayward City Councilmember
Angela Andrews

City Councilmember Dianne Martinez

City Councilmember
Terry Taplin

Berkeley City Councilmember
Sophie Hahn

Berkeley City Councilmember
Kate Harrison

Clerk & Trustee of the West Contra Costa Unified School District
Demetrio Gonzalez-Hoy

School Board Director
Laura Babitt

School & Community College Board Directors

Castro Valley School Board Trustee
Dolly Adams

Castro Valley School Board Trustee
Michael Kusiak

Chabot-Las Positas Community College District Trustee
Harris Mojadedi

Berkeley School Board Director
Ana Vasudeo

Oakland School Board Director
Sam Davis

San Leandro School Board Trustee
James Aguilar

Hayward School Board President
April Oquenda

Ohlone Community College Board Trustee
Lance Kwan

Peralta Community College District Board Vice President
Dyana Marie Delfín Polk

Peralta Community College District Board Trustee
Kevin Jenkins

Fremont School Board Director
Dianne Jones

Other Local Leaders

Berkeley Rent Board Commissioner
Soli Alpert

Berkeley Rent Board Commissioner
Andy Kelley

Cesar Zepeda
West County Wastewater Board President

Alameda Health System Trustee
Jennifer Esteen

Berkeley City Auditor
Jenny Wong

Eden Health District Director
Ed Hernandez

Alameda County Water District Director
Aziz Akbari

Stewart Chen, City of Alameda Healthcare District Board Member and Former City Councilmember


Devin Murphy, Pinole Mayor Pro Tem
Cameron Sasai, Housing Data Analyst & Candidate for Pinole City Council

San Pablo

Rita Xavier, City of San Pablo Mayor


Jovanka Beckles, AC Transit Director, Ward 1
Eduardo Martinez,
Richmond City Councilmember
Melvin Willis, Richmond City Councilmember
Claudia Jiménez, Richmond City Councilmember

Demetrio González-Hoy, Clerk of the West Contra Costa Unified School District, Executive Board Member and delegate for the CA Democratic Party
Cesar Zepeda, West County Wastewater Board President
Leah Ferrer
Alfredo Angulo, Community Organizer


Preston Jordan, Mayor of Albany
Brian Beall, Chairman Albany Parks, Recreation, & Open Space Commission
Nick Pilch, Chair of the Planning & Zoning Commission
Robin D. Lopez, Social & Economic Justice Commissioner; City Council Candidate
Chelsea Kelly-Reif
Amy Smolens

El Cerrito

Gabriel Quinto, Mayor - City of El Cerrito
Tessa Rudnick, El Cerrito City Councilmember

Rebecca Saltzman, BART Board Director
Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto, former Mayor and Councilmember
Alex Nisnevich


Ally Medina, Emeryville Vice Mayor
Dianne Martinez, Emeryville City Councilmember
Courtney Welch, Emeryville City Councilmember


Jesse Arreguin, Berkeley Mayor
Jenny Wong, Berkeley City Auditor
Rigel Robinson, Berkeley City Councilmember
Terry Taplin, Berkeley City Councilmember
Rashi Kesarwani, Berkeley City Councilmember
Lori Droste, Berkeley City Councilmember
Kate Harrison, Berkeley City Councilmember
Ana Vasudeo, Berkeley School Board Director
Laura Babitt, Berkeley School Board Director
Dyana Marie Delfín Polk Vice President, Peralta Community College District Board of Trustees, Area 6
Soli Alpert, Vice Chair, Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board
Andy Kelley, Berkeley Rent Board Commissioner
Mike Chang, Chair of the Berkeley Police Accountability Board

Donald Lathbury, Former Chair, Berkeley Transportation Commission
Alli Rodriguez
Mark Humbert, Former President, Claremont Elmwood Neighborhood Ass’n. Former Member of Berkeley Transportation Commission and Berkeley Public Works Commission.
Benjamin Kelly, Vice President of Capital and Finance of the Berkeley Student Cooperative
Greg Magofña, East Bay for Everyone Co-Founder and former Co-Executive, Former Berkeley Community Environmental Advisory Commission Vice Chair
Nicole Ulakovic, Zero Waste Commissioner
Dohee Kim, Zoning Adjustments Board Commissioner
Sam Greenberg, President & Co-Founder, Telegraph for People
Libby Lee-Egan, Co-Founder and lead volunteer, North Berkeley Now! Chair, Berkeley Housing Advisory Commission. Enthusiastic user of AC Transit!
Ben Gould, Chair, Berkeley Environment and Climate Commission
Shar, Mental Health professional
Darrell Owens
Diego Aguilar-Canabal
Grayson Peters
Theo Posselt
Chris Harrelson
Andrew Talbot
David Peattie
Robb Kapla
Sachu Constantine
Jose Torres
Christopher Reed
Ben Paulos
Amanda West
Olivia Kehoe
Kieron Slaughter, Urbanist
Fischer Heimburger
Deborah C Segal
Paul Darwin Picklesimer
Robert Williams
Phyllis Orrick, Retired editor
Will Skinner, Graduate student
Noor Brody
Jonah Gottlieb, Community Organizer


Nikki Fortunato Bas, Oakland City Council President
Sheng Thao, Oakland City Councilmember
Dan Kalb, Oakland City Councilmember

Tonya Love, AD18 Central Committee Member, CDP E-Board Member. Lifelong bus rider.
Rocky Fernandez, Former AC Transit Director
Tyron Jordan, former Oakland Public Library Advisory Commissioner
Janani Ramachandran
Michael Barnett
Fern K Hahn, bus advocate
Ian Monroe, bus rider
Aaron Eckhouse, Housing advocate & bus rider
Nayeli Maxson Velazquez, Alameda Labor Council Delegate (UAW 2320, Nat’l Organization of Legal Services Workers)
Giovanni Hernandez, Fmr. Chairperson & Commissioner - Oakland Youth Advisory Commission
Christopher Kidd, Board emeritus, Transport Oakland
Nico Nagle, East Bay Young Democrats Boardmember, East Bay YIMBY Lead
Raul Maldonado, East Bay YIMBY
Brandon Harami, Bay Area Vice Chair CDP Progressive Caucus
Valarie Bachelor, Union Organizer

Derek Sagehorn
Cartar Lavin
ness io kain
Varun Santhanam
Robert Prinz
Jordan Burns, Graduate Student Researcher
Tanvi Shah
Victor Flores, AD-18 Delegate
Michael 'Flan' Ruderman, Public health psychiatrist
Emma Ishii
Sean McFeely
Zack Sultan
William Hausle
Chris Lu
Zoe Siegel
Peter Trio
Jeremy Wolff
Matt Jones
Sam Dodge
Seth Mazow
Alethea Taylor
Cody Little
Connor Carroll


Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, Alameda Mayor
Stewart Chen, City of Alameda Healthcare District Board Member and Former City Councilmember

Denyse Trepanier, Bike Walk Alameda, Board of Directors President
Austin Tam, Alameda County Democratic Central Committee, AD18
Mari Perez-Ruiz, AD18 Delegate
Cheri Johansen
Zac Bowling
Brian McGuire
Gaylon Parsons


Mingwei Samuel

San Leandro

Victor Aguilar, San Leandro City Councilmember
Corina Lopez,
San Leandro City Councilmember
James Aguilar,
San Leandro School Board Trustee
Fred Simon, San Leandro City Councilmember and Oro Loma Sanitary District Member
Ed Hernandez, Appointed Eden Health District Director

Jim Prola, Former Vice Mayor and Councilmember
Jeromey Shafer
John Minot


Aisha Wahab, Hayward City Councilmember
Sara Lamnin, Hayward City Councilmember
Elisa Marquez, Hayward City Councilmember
Angela Andrews, Hay
ward City Councilmember
April Oquenda, Hayward School Board President

Nestor Castillo, Educator & Alameda County Public Health Commission Chair
George Syrop, Community Services Commissioner
Elisha Crader
Lacei Amodei
George William Herbert
Vanessa Sadsad
Maria Nava

Ashland, Cherryland, San Lorenzo, Hayward Acres

Jenn Esteen, Eden Area Municipal Advisory Councilmember and Alameda Health System Trustee
Mimi Dean, Eden Area Municipal Advisory Councilmember
April Chan
, Fairview Municipal Advisory Council Chair
Barisha Spriggs
Dave Sorrell, TDM-CP, NorCal Association for Commuter Transportation President and Multimodal Transit Consultant - Advocate

Castro Valley

Michael Kusiak, Castro Valley School Board Trustee
Dolly Adams,
Castro Valley School Board Trustee

"Reliable public transit is a key part of 21st-century infrastructure. Alfred has a key understanding of public transit, both as a user as well as a planning commissioner and architect. I am proud to endorse Alfred for the AC Transit Board of Directors.”

Congressman Ro Khanna

Union City

Lance Nishihira, New Haven Unified School Board Member
and candidate for BART Board
Harris Mojadedi,
Chabot-Los Positas Community College District Trustee
former Union City Planning Commission Chair
David Ying
Anish Mohanty


Jenny Kassan, Fremont City Councilmember
Teresa Keng, Fremont City Councilmember
Lance Kwan, Ohlone Community College Board Trustee
z Akbari, Alameda County Water District Director
Dianne Jones, Fremont School Board Director
Marty Kludjian, Human Relations Commissioner
Robert Daulton, Planning Commissioner
Shobana Ramamurthi , Human Relations Commissioner
Justin Sha, Ohlone College Foundation Board Member
Vinnie Bacon Former Council Member, City of Fremont
David Bonaccorsi, Former Council Member, City of Fremont
Ann Crosbie, Former Fremont School Board Trustee
Moina Shaiq
Yogi Chugh
Kelsey Pressnall
Annie Koruga
Martha Kreeger, AD25 Delegate
Gigi Dornfest


Alan Nagy, Mayor of Newark

Other Bay Area

Ray Larios

Sergio Lopez, Councilmember, City of Campbell
Maddon Hoh-Choi, Campbell Youth Commissioner

Sheng-Ming Egan

Foster City
Phoebe Shin Venkat, Planning Commissioner, Foster City and Board Member, CORA (Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse)

Alex Walker-Griffin, Vice Mayor, City of Hercules

Raayan Mohtashemi, Member, Caltrain Bicycle and Active Transportation Advisory Committee (BATAC)

Deepa Sharma
Jeremy Levine

Brittni Kiick, Livermore City Councilmember
Kristie Wang, Livermore School Board Member

Jonathan Bash, Contra Costa Hazardous Materials Commissioner/Martinez Planning Commissioner

Michael Tsai, School Board Trustee

Mountain View
Emily Ann Ramos
Alex Nunez, City of Mountain View Environmental Planning Commissioner

Brendan Bartholomew, Transit Operator

Palo Alto
Rohin Ghosh, Housing Activist
Katie Causey, Former Tenant Organizer & School Board Candidate

Joseph Mauro

Redwood City
Rudy Espinoza Murray, Director, San Mateo County Resource Conservation District Board and President of the San Mateo County Latinx Democratic Club

San Bruno
Auros Harman, Chair, Planning Commission, City of San Bruno. Past AC Transit commuter.

San Carlos
Karen Tuzman, ADEM Delegate for AD21

San Francisco
Chris Arvin, SFMTA CAC member, creator of
Cedar Makhijani, Transit Advocate
Calvin Quick, Former San Francisco Youth Commissioner (title for identification purposes only)
Ewan Barker Plummer, San Francisco Youth Commissioner (title for identification purposes only)
Jane Natoli, Airport Commissioner
Edward Wright, President, Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club (for identification purposes only)
Marcus Ismael, California Democratic State Central Committee Delegate, Assembly District 19
Joshua Rudy Ochoa, Student Activist (SF Berniecrats, SF LXYD, SFYD, SF Transit Riders)
Jenny Bach
Harlo Pippenger
Sasha Perigo
Eddy Ionescu
Adam Buck
Spencer Nyarady
CV Makhijani

San Jose
Jim Beall, Former State Senator
Marlee Smith
Aboubacar Ndiaye
Matt Castagnolo
Anoeil Odisho

San Mateo
Jordan Grimes, Political Director, Peninsula Young Democrats
Rick Bonilla
, Mayor, San Mateo

San Ramon
Marisol Rubio, Dublin San Ramon Services District Director

Unincorporated Santa Clara County
Monica Mallon, Transit Advocate

Santa Cruz
Kyle Kelley, Transportation and Public Works Commissioner for the City of Santa Cruz
Graham Freeman, former Board, Bike Santa Cruz County

South San Francisco
James Coleman, South San Francisco City Councilmember
John Baker, President, SSFUSD Board / Chair, SamTrans CAC
Ethan Mizzi, Chair, South San Francisco Youth Commission; Treasurer, Peninsula Young Democrats
Jules Brouillet
, Lead, North San Mateo County Silicon Valley Bike Coalition

Alysa Cisneros, Vice Mayor of Sunnyvale
Omar Din, Sunnyvale City Councilmember
Richard Mehlinger, Chair, Sunnyvale Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission

Ruscal Cayangyang, Former Vallejo School Board President
Cassandra James

“Alfred Twu is the real deal. If you want better public transit, you need people who have the knowledge, experience and work ethic and are willing to step up & that’s Alfred Twu.”

BART Director Janice Li

Elsewhere in California

Sasha Renée Pérez, Councilmember, City of Alhambra

William Monroe, Democratic Party Region 1E , Regional Director

Culver City
Triston Ezidore

Elk Grove
Amar Shergill, CDP Progressive Caucus Chair

Navkaran Gurm, President, Fresno County Young Democrats

Fatima Iqbal-Zubair, Candidate for CA Assembly District 65, Executive Board Member CADEM, Progressive Caucus Board, SoCal Vice Chair

Elisabeth Robledo, Secretary, San Joaquin Valley Democratic Club

La Mesa
Colin Parent, La Mesa City Councilmember

Los Angeles
Godfrey Plata, Vice Chair, LA Region - Filipino American Democratic Caucus of CADEM / DSCC member
Ankur Patel

Morongo Basin
Jo Ann Bollen, ADD Delegate, President Democrats of the Morongo Basin, Founder, Vote Morongo Basin, Field Director, Field Team 6/CA 23

Sloan Tribble

Jillynn Molina-Williams, SEIU1000 steward former CA Dem Veterans Caucus Chair
Louis Mirante

San Bernardino
Deborah Dunaway Elected Member, San Bernardino County Democratic Central Committee; Secretary, Democrats of the Morongo Basin

San Diego
Matthew Scammahorn, President of the UC San Diego College Democrats (former)
Ginger Hitzke

*Titles for identification purposes

Twitter: @alfredtwu_act Facebook

While PPAMM doesn't endorse in transit board elections, I'm proud to be the only candidate in the race to have received a 100% score on their questionnaire.

This is a people-powered campaign!

No Corporate Money Pledge: I am not taking contributions from any corporation or corporate Political Action Committee.

No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge: I am not taking contributions from oil, gas, and coal industry executives, lobbyists, or PACs.